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Fall 21 - Social Justice Leadership at Nonprofit Organizations

Ended Oct 8, 2021

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Is a higher education course or program on Social Justice needed, especially when attributed to the nonprofit sector, to understand something within is broken regarding equity? This equity we speak of, refers to leaders within actively engaging in creating an environment where members of all racial groups have the same opportunities for success as the majority. Prior research has suggested that people of color need to be trained and possess high level managerial skills to position themselves for leadership roles within nonprofit organizations. While other suggestions such as being open to receive coaching and leaders encouraging people of color to stay at nonprofits versus leaving the industry for greener pastures corporate positions might provide, it seems to have all been for not. More recent data from within the nonprofit sector point to whites and people of color having similar educational and leadership qualifications but, it remains clear that racial demographics for boards and executive leaders are extremely lopsided, and have been for more than twenty years. Participants of this course will explore and gain knowledge related to the racial leadership deficit within nonprofits, challenged to take inventory of biased structural systems, and prepared with intervention strategies to accelerate racial equity at nonprofit organizations.